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"My husband and I had just moved into our new home before I got pregnant with our son and it dawned on me that we were doing this alone with no support network close by. Our relatives and close friends live in other states and there are very few families with small children on our street. I started looking for a prenatal yoga class online and that's when I discovered Whole Mother Village. I soon learned that they offered so much more than yoga and I took advantage of all that they had to offer: fitness and childbirth classes, support groups, and more. Sunday morning prenatal yoga became my 'sanctuary' and an essential part of my weekly routine. Soon after my son was born, my yoga instructor (and one of the doulas at WMV, Kelly) visited me and offered support when I needed it most. I was still in recovery from a c-section, and working through the emotions of childbirth. She held my baby and reassured me that everything I had just gone through was normal. I spent much of my maternity leave at WMV and my earliest, fondest memories with my son were spent at the Breastfeeding Circle, Mommy & Me Yoga, and Music Class with Kate. We sometimes drop by on our way home from the pediatrician or running errands just to rest for a bit, play, and hang out--we are always welcomed.

January 2020 will mark one year that I have been a part of Whole Mother Village and it's safe to say that I found the community that I sought--not just Alice and her team but also eight new mom friends, all of whom I met at WMV and who continue to support each other on our journey through motherhood. I don't know what I would have done without the support I found at Whole Mother Village and as I learn and grow as a mother I know that I will continue to rely on them in the future."

~ Christina

"Whole Mother Village is such a gem - especially for new moms. The Wednesday breastfeeding group is such a great resource - not only for guidance with breastfeeding questions, but just to connect with other moms. It’s special just to get out of the house and compare notes on sleep, feeding and birth stories with other women who might be experiencing something similar. Grateful to have found this place!

~ Sara

"As a new mom it was important for me to find other moms to connect with and talk to, or even just listen to and learn from. It can be intimidating stepping into a room with a group of women I don’t know, but walking into Whole Mother Village I immediately felt warm and welcomed. The workout/postpartum discussion was exactly what I was looking for. Not only is the space itself bright and open, the mothers were friendly and inviting, and the babies so cute ! I love that I now have a place to go with my girl (who also had a great time!) and connect with other moms and babes. I definitely recommend Whole Mother Village to all moms or moms-to-be!"

~ Melissa

"This is a great resource for new parents, especially moms, to learn about how to nurture themselves and their little ones through various life stages and health concerns."

~ Natanya

"There are so many classes and such for babies all around, but I love Whole Mother Village's reminder that a mother also needs to take care of herself, and acknowledge that. Esp important for first time moms, who can connect with others and know that they're not alone when feeling exhausted, alone, resentful, overwhelmed.. Great resources too!"

~ Angela

"Wonderful doula support for my home birth. I love the model Whole Mother Village is building with resources for all kinds of needs before, during and after birth."

~ Mary

"Whole Mother Village was a lifesaver after having my second child. We had just moved to West Orange and (as we all know) it's extremely hard to make new friends as an adult. Having a place to go for postnatal fitness and yoga, music class for babies, and just for open space play in the mornings made a complete difference in my mental and emotional recovery this time around. Alice and the other amazing teachers are so warm and welcoming, and I met a group of mom friends who have supported me and given me a safe space to share in the experience of motherhood. Cannot recommend WMV enough!!"

~ Cassy

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