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There are not many life moments that surpass the incredible experience of bringing a baby into the world. Capturing your birth will give you the opportunity to remember this magical moment forever.



The magical and emotional experience of bringing a child into the world is one that you should remember forever – the strength and courage in the mother’s eyes, the love and devotion in the fathers face, the first breath your baby takes, the first glimpse you take of your little soul that has been growing in you for such a long time, the elation of being a family at last.  Birth photography captures the emotions of this most important day of your life while allowing the birth team to relax and fully focus on the laboring mother.


- a free of charge interview

- 24/7 on-call availability from two weeks prior to your due date

- unlimited time at birth from active labor until 1-2 hours postpartum 3-5 

- 75-200 edited high resolution images 

- slideshow set to music of your choice

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