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They say it takes a village to raise a child. But what about the mother? Where is the village to grow confident, healthy and strong mothers? Motherhood is an intense, demanding, joyful, sometimes-lonely and always-challenging time. I had been there and I get it. I have been longing for a tribe. So I decided to created it. Whether your journey is taking you through pregnancy, early postpartum, toddlerhood, or well beyond, welcome. This is a space for all of us. This is YOUR village!


Whole Mother Village is a unique, vibrant space for all mothers and women where resources, information, skills, support and community are brought together to create a nourishing and empowering environment. Whole Mother Village is a collaborative effort of large group of local professionals with a passion to provide women with support and care, one that is community based and addresses motherhood and womanhood as "whole". Whole Mother Village creates what, as women, we all crave and miss - a safe space to band together, empower each other, where we all a unique and powerful body of comprehensive, continuous and diverse professional care and support that serves to empower women to feel confident and strong in their role as mothers.

No matter where you are on your journey through life as a woman, whether you are young, mature, surrounded by little children or grand children we are here for you and WITH you! We are committed to bringing information, support, community and fun to you. Join us for classes, circles, workshops, events and more!

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