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Feeling informed, empowered and supported to choose your own path to giving birth and welcoming your baby is the most important right for all expectant parents. We want you to feel prepared for this major life event and offer several childbirth preparation series.


We offer variety of childbirth preparation series as well as simple introduction classes and workshops. We approach each and every couple and family as a unique one and offer a large variety of educational opportunities and ways to prepare for you birth and postpartum to allow you to create your own personal experience.

In the effort to combat the spread of the novel virus COVID-19, our physical studio in West Orange is temporarily closed through March 31, 2020 and with further closure possible. Our entire community has been working extremely hard to make sure that we keep providing you with the most comprehensive care, support, information during your pregnancy and early motherhood. We continue to offer our workshops and series , as well as adding NEW ones!, in a VIRTUAL format and with reduced registration fees. 

Please register for your workshop through our registration system. You will receive a link to access your LIVE class at the scheduled time. You will also receive a link to the class recording should you miss the class and/or want to review it.

To join our lively  COMMUNITY, join our FB group Moms of Whole Mother Village and visit our VIRTUAL STUDIO to join our LIVE support groups, classes, info sessions and access our video library. 

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