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The entire motherhood is an intense, demanding, joyful, sometimes-lonely and always-challenging time. There are so many resources to draw from to make your journey satisfying and happy. We are making it easy, and fun and VIRTUAL!! Join us for our creative LIVE support groups, classes and expert interviews, video library of instructional videos to address wide variety topic that focus on YOU and your well-being and your mom community!


"It takes a village." We all have heard it so many times, but what does it really mean? A village to a mother (soon-to-be ,new or seasoned) is a space where love, experience, knowledge, wisdom and culture mix together and allow the woman to thrive, to fly with confidence that she will not fall because she is being lifted up, encouraged, nurtured. This has been the mission of Whole Mother Village and creating a COMMUNITY for women has been our ultimate goal.

These past few weeks and months have been trying - for all of us. And the need for a village is now greater than ever! While we are not able to engage together in a physical space, we are committed to continuing to build our amazing VILLAGE on a virtual platform to make sure YOU and your MOTHERHOOD is as empowered and joyful as it deserves. 

Our focus remains the same: we are creating opportunities for you moms to connect with each other through LIVE groups and classes, to make friends, to ask questions, to share your experience and to connect directly with us us so we can share everything we know about pregnancy, birth and motherhood with you. 


Welcome to our VIRTUAL STUDIO!

We are so excited you are here and we are looking forward to offering you our support, encouragement, empowerment  and access to information, resources and your community on this innovative platform.


Connecting with each other in real time is one of the most important things while mothering a new baby. Early motherhood is exciting and magical but can be also lonely and isolating. We are offering number of ways for you to connect with other moms, share your experiences, engage in fun activities with your baby, or alone, connect with postpartum professionals as well as resources.

ALL of these groups will be LIVE and facilitated by one of our amazing instructors.

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We have been growing our Virtual Library to compile a variety of helpful interviews, mini classes, instructional videos to help enrich your mama journey. Please check out our VIRTUAL LIBRARY.

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