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Virtual Village, The New Community for Moms

"It takes a village." We all have heard it so many times, but what does it really mean? A village to a mother (soon-to-be ,new or seasoned) is a space where love, experience, knowledge, wisdom and culture mix together and allow the woman to thrive, to fly with confidence that she will not fall because she is being lifted up, encouraged, nurtured. This has been the mission of Whole Mother Village and creating a nourishing, community for women has been my ultimate goal.​

These past few weeks have been trying - for all of us. While we are not able to provide in person support, education and all the magical things that happen with face to face contact, we are committed to continuing to build our amazing VILLAGE on a virtual platform to make sure you and your motherhood are as empowered and joyful as they deserve. ​ ​

While the venue has changed, our focus remains the same: we are creating opportunities for you to connect with each other through LIVE groups and classes, to make friends, to ask questions, to share your experience and to connect directly with us so we can share everything we know about pregnancy, birth and motherhood with you.

Out of the turmoil of the past weeks and the reality of the unavoidable new normal our VIRTUAL VILLAGE was born. In this virtual space we continue to support, empower, inform and connect moms with each other. It is becoming increasingly clear that we might be in this social distancing for a while and we know that now, more than ever, a supportive village is so needed and we have turned all our effort to creating it for you! We are also committed to making our Virtual Village accessible to ALL moms who need it. From dropping in to a class, purchasing an affordable membership allowing you access to ALL our classes, groups and virtual library or gifting a gift of a community to a mom in need, we are making sure we are making sure that everyone has access to our supportive community. We also continue to offer and constantly expand our childbirth education classes, workshops and series! All are offered on virtual platform and LIVE classes, which will be recorded for a review in case you miss it.

We hope to see many of you joining our village!

Please share your thought! And please SHARE my blog and information about our VILLAGE and our childbirth classes with all your groups, friends, family. The more moms we can reach, the more we can grow our offers and the more lives we can positively impact.🙏

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