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Certified  Birth Doula, Registered Prenatal Yoga, Placenta Encapsulator, Certified Infant Massage Educator 

Kelly is a mother, certified birth doula, childbirth educator, certified and registered prenatal yoga instructor, placenta encapsulator and certified infant massage educator. She has always been attracted to the birthing process and attended several births of family members and fiends in the role of support person. When she learned that this role is actually a profession, she decided to pursue a career as a doula. Kelly has served as a community doula, helping low income families that were otherwise unable to afford these birth support services, and her love and dedication to the profession has grown with each birth. Birth is a powerfully unique and memorable experience for mother and baby.


Kelly believes that every woman deserves to feel nurtured and safe in the place where she will give birth. Therefore, her goal as a doula is to guide each mother trough the joys and challenges of childbirth, while fly understanding and respecting the mother’s wishes. She strives to offer her clients a loving and non-judgmental approach to the birth process, facilitating their comfort t share bot fears and expectations. Kelly offers her clients physical support including acupressure, massage and aromatherapy. She also offers emotional and informational support by explaining the labor process and its natural development. Many people associate doulas with natural childbirth, or childbirth without the use of drugs. However, Kelly knows that sometimes labor takes a different direction than the one hoped for. As a responsible and supportive doula, she will be present to honor the mother’s birth wishes, however they might shift during the process. Regardless of your birth plan, you can know that Kelly will continue to support you in every way possible to guide you trough one of the most special moments of your life. Kelly believes that every woman can have an empowering and liberating birth experience. Her ultimate goal is to give you the tools to create it.

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